Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Grammys are more of the same.

With just enough edginess to make so-called rebel teenagers watch, the 2010 Grammys are already very predictable.

On January 21st, 2010 CBS will air the 52nd Grammy Award Show. Michael Jackson’s family is still milking his death. They are scheduled to attend for the 3-D presentation of Michael Jackson’s Earth video. The overly saturated “personality before talent” market of today’s unfickle music industry has the following no-talents up for a Grammy: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus,The Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift. Mos Def and Wilco were left out. Nothing- no nod. I guess talent doesn’t fuel award consideration these days.

What confuses me even more is why Green Day is performing? They are so punk rock that they figure performing alongside a show , which is clearly embracing pure marketing numbers- not art in the form of music-that Green Day no longer cares if they are introduced by The Jonas Brothers. Or do they accept the fact that music doesn’t make money these days- selling ad space as a musician does?

I’m infuriated! The music business use to be about MUSIC BUSINESS. Now it is all about selling ad space. Whether radio ads, television ads, endorsed products – all the artists up for awards for the 2010 Grammys are over glorified used car salesman. Their only talent? The ability to mass market products to their teenage demographics. Maybe at 29 I’m cynical and old but really? Miley Cyrus is an artist deserving of a Grammy?

It seems the only way any artist makes money these days is on tour- and even then these musicians are selling texting ads for mobile companies, merchandise with co-sponsor logos, and so on.

Susan Boyle was snubbed for a Grammy nod this year. Perfect example as to why the whole award show is a political mess of who sold the most shit , via their so called “musical medium” this year. Susan Boyle is not attractive. She made an album but she doesn’t have any endorsements. What she does have is one hell of a voice (even if she keeps singing most of the same songs). She was passed up.

Lady Gaga also very talented and ok- I agree with her Grammy involvement but really- she will be whored out and turned into the next Beyonce shortly. Trust me- two years from now Lady Gaga will be chucking hair color, make-up and anything else she can to win further awards which lead to endorsements and so on with the cycle.

Real rock, real talent, real musicians are all missing from this year’s Grammy award show. What the hell happened to receiving a Grammy being a respectable honor? I represented , when I had my publicity firm, a two-time Grammy nominee. I know the insides of show business. The 2010 Grammys Award show is nothing more than one big commercial what the musically inept. God forbid anyone become somewhat discriminating and present an accolade to someone based on their skill being a musician, and not being a well oiled marketing campaign for some label, brand, and or company!