Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adriana Rubio Interview

Adriana Rubio & Tanya Vece. October of 2004.
Interview with Author Adriana Rubio.
5 years after her first Horse Chronicles Interview.
Where is she now!

By: Tanya Vece

TV: Tell us about the Layne movie and what is going on with the project?
AR: This biopic is being made in a very independent way. We are fully determined to do it. We won't allow any brainwashed Hollywood clown to make fun of Layne's story or put him only in a "junkie" spotlight. We spent enough time trying to explain what the movie is about. It was all in vain. We have sadly learned that for Hollywood Layne Staley is another overdosed rock star. They don’t want to show him differently or should we say…they don’t want people to see the real side of the story. We worked on many scripts’ drafts during the course of two long years, have talked with the main roles actors, producers, photographers , musician, etc. We are in the right way now.

TV: With my book I have run into critics who know nothing of the situation. They just judge. Have you run into these same challenges with the movie?
AR: I understand your situation which is not much different than mine. People judge and talk because the air is free. Whatever bullshit they talk about me or the movie it doesn’t bothers me, because I know what I’m doing and why.

TV: What do you think was Layne's most important message to you, when you were working with his family, and when he made the call to you?
AR: When I was working with his family I felt he was completely alone…no matter how many people visited him or talked to him, no matter how many letters or phone calls he might have received. He was alone and immensenly terrified inside his own persona. And I could proove it by myself when I got that phone call from him. There’s still a big misunderstanding of what happened to him. Even though he died of an “accidental” speedball overdose, that wasn’t the real end. During all of these years I couldn’t stop thinking why he called me three months before his death. And when Nancy withdrew support to thefirst book, she said: “She knows nothing”, so that made me think even more about his call. I did a lot of research and got the point. It is revealed in the movie.

TV: Some people think are books / projects about Layne are obsecure. You got tapes of Nancy helping you and then she retraced what she said. What are your feelings on this. I confronted Nancy with mine. Do you think she is prooving Layne's words about her right?
AR: My feeling on this is that Nancy saw herself reflected in the books as in a mirror and didn’t like what she saw: the truth. So that’s why she retraced what she said. It’s all taped…you know things like “I’ve been preparing for Lyane’s death for five years …”, “I am guilty to the degree that I’m guilty…”etc…But I am more focused on Layne’s words like when he wrote: “If this pen were a gun I could much more easily explain how I feel…” I have no doubts that Layne’s words about his own feelings involving her mother are absoultely true. Additionally, I have words from Liz on tape which at her request were not printed in the books, but they are still on tapes. And Liz’s words are pretty much the same Layne’s sentiments.

TV: How can people get involved with the Layne movie?
AR: People can get involved with the movie in many ways for: crowd scenes, tatoo services, experienced publicists, painters and musicians. They can send resumes and contact info at

TV: How much are you going to cover of Layne's life in the movie?
AR: The movie will cover the most crucial moments of Lyane’s life from childhood to adult. Lydia and you are not included in the script for this movie. Even though Layne left this world at the age of 34, he lived like 80 and you know this is true, so we had to work really hard on the parts selection.

TV: LATHAN MCKAY plays Layne and looks just like him. Has he had any strange or spooky occurrences while in the role?
AR: Lathan is a very good actor and is perfect for this role. Even though he looks like Layne, you can feel Layne’s presence in the studio coming out from him. And per your question, yes Lathan experienced a few strange things, but nothing scary. I should say very encouraging and positive.

TV: Are you planning on taking the finished film to any film festivals in the US?
AR:We have a lot of things on the table to discuss about. Film Festivals could be a possible thing to do. Not decided yet.

TV: Since the books and you working on the film any spooky occurrences?
AR: I have experienced lots of strange things, nothing scary. Encouraging and positive occurances.